Monday, December 13, 2010

pink ships and bicycles



i know when i said ‘see you guys on monday’, you thought i meant last monday.
hah. gotcha!
well truth be told, i did mean last monday but stuff happens when you’re liberated from the drudgery of that which we call finals…

and I still CAN’T BELIEVE I CAME OUT OF IT ALIVEE!!! Open-mouthed smile oh fuck now i can’t even make a reflex smiley without it turning into that overzealous emoticon. cringeworthy.

i don’t like the new Windows Live anymore.

me and my compulsive ok-clicking =(
i’m gonna have to start getting used to smileys with Little Lulu eyes if i’m to avoid them popping up all over the place.

so i was saying, FINALS ARE OVERRRRRR =D
making it through the insane exam schedule this semester made me feel like such a loser. it was hardcore nerdmode all the way, what with a paper every day of the week save for weekdays. hardcore as in study-eat-study-sleep-study-shit, rinse and repeat. at the risk of sounding more like a loser than i already do, i feel so accomplished having survived all 8 papers without  some sort of an emotional breakdown. heh. guess last-minute’s the only way i know how to do things.


but hey, i made it.

would love to tell you about loads but i’ve picked out just one day so i can pepper the post (quite liberally, i may add) with pictures!

somewhere between being stuck in a cinema with my head propped up at a 60 degree angle (2nd row, pssht) with a perpetual grin plastered across my face (rapunzel <3) and stuffing my face with chicken wings and orh jien (jalan alor <3), the girls and i made a little day trip to pulau ketam.



the girls minus fw
this and a number of others nicked off plh’s blog =)

a crazy long ktm ride over, but well worth the ride…
because hey, how often do you get to see pink boats??


so cute in fact, one could almost… just almost not notice the wafts of stinky sea.



that, ladies and gentlemen, is the after-exams glow (probably credited to paying off sleep debts)
on the speedboat
just prior to zipping up…


our blindingly fluorescent lifejackets =)
(because we are kiasi like that. on the off chance that we should capsize, i’m pretty confident that searchlights will pick up those bobbing orange blobs pretty quickly. of course, they would only need searchlights if we had to bob for a good 6 hours. point is, they were so blinding i had to look away)


just a shot i sneaked to share my amusement.
i kinda like speedboats. more than the ferry at any rate… despite having comfy bus-like seats and shelter from the weather, it was crazy cold. all of us pretty much froze up into blocks of ice in the 20… 30? –minute ride back. i was a little too preoccupied with shivering and being disturbed by their cracked glass windows patched up with cellophane tape to keep track of time.



a mishmash of stilts and rickety fishing boats.


first item on the agenda, FOOD.
…and i just realised i have pictures of none =(
(sorry, i am such a glutton)


so here’s a stolen shot of mantis shrimps to compensate.
this shit is making me hungry.
the food was nothing much to shout about and the bill didn’t impress, but i guess you can count on it being fresh?



your friendly neighbourhood guidedog.
slobber-free, quiet, unassuming and sweet.



the lot at the temple.

it’s a whole little world out there, they have their own little yellow fire station, clinic, pre-school through secondary school, maybank… haha.



the iconic ms.“leave it all to guanyinma” with guanyinma herself.

we took a walk around the island/town after lunch to get the digestive juices flowing and i think i fell in love with the place.
okay maybe ‘love’ is too strong a word, but it was lovely.  sure, there’s the rubbish strewn grounds, the occasional waft of stinky sea, the fact that there are rats scampering left and right below the stilts… but the place as a whole is just darling.


erm… maybe not the best picture to illustrate ‘darling’.

it’s just that it’s the kind of place where everybody knows everybody else, neighbours have shouted conversations across the street (or in this case, alley) and people are all smiles, completely affable to strangers and have no problem with leaving their front doors wide open. it’s close-knit.


a walk through the ‘town’ area would find you in the midst of all the townsfolk going about their business; the table of uncles laughing over a cup of tea, kids darting across the street, the older boys cheering on a heated game of foosball, bicycles threading through the crowd with quirky little honks and bell-rings, and men pushing cartons of supplies in these odd motorised pushcarts… that sort of thing.

i’m aware a big part of the affection can be signed off to the novelty of it all and my love for quaintness but you can’t deny that it’s a pretty heart-warming atmosphere right there.


plus the houses there are oh so colourful, they would put the carebears to shame.



it also helps that the predominating colour is mint and teal <3


see what i mean?



even their dogs are friendly (okay maybe just this one).
the bitch was nice enough to take some time off her busy schedule (i would assume snapping at flies and being petted by random strangers) to show us around the place.



stopping mid-walk for a photo.
sorry fw, your eyes are closed (again) haha but this is a good photo otherwise =P



with the smiling sweetheart, xiaobai.
(…which by the way, is her name. i didn’t make it up or anything, we overheard the family calling her that.)



and another.
it was so adorable. i was being one of those crazy people who talk to animals, asking xiaobai to join us for a photo and she promptly walked over and sat down, wagging her tail. i could just hug her if it wasn’t for the fear of fleas and other germy goodness. (also, i would likely be ostracised by the gang for the rest of the trip if i did… was chided for sticking my foot out to foot-stroke a pretty kitty)



said pretty kitty.


and well, that pretty much sums up our trip.


random snapshot of a stranger’s baby.

watched the ferry pull away from the jetty mere meters from where we were standing and had to wait another hour…
but all was good because fw brought along her mahjong cards.



cat lady in the making. heh.



that’s all folks.

ended the day with dinner in midvalley followed by The Social Network
(my fingers are going nuts. i typed Cosial twice before i got it right).


- bicycle honks -


Liz ^^, said...

Looks like such an awesome time ! I'm jealous ! haha And you braided your hair ! So cuteeeeeeeee :D

xinli said...

it was! heh.
figured i would do something to it while i could. getting a haircut!!

Ju said...

the kitty looks like some exotic mountain cat