Sunday, January 16, 2011

bali: day three


second day of pancakes =)

a wet start to a wet day =(


i’ve decided i only like the rain when i’m all warm and cuddled up beneath my duvet with a book…
preferably propped up with a minimum of two fluffy pillows. and fresh sheets. and chocolate. After Eights.
mildly endearing? *hopeful*


first stop, Goa Gajah.
the driver/tour guide was strangely insistent on us coming to this place because it was supposed to be all historical and meaningful and rich with culture…
to that, i say, “uhhh… o--kay.”

now i’m usually all for historical and meaningful and rich with culture,  but at this point i was a tad resentful of the tour guide because he kept making multiple excuses (has lost its charm, likely all booked out, huuuge traffic jam there) when we said we wanted to eat at the fehmes Bebek Bengil.
the Dirty Duck (and you know how i love duck) is a lovely place everyone gushes about upon return from bali. how can we not eat there?? on the way to goa gajah (if i remember correctly) we passed a sign that said ‘Bebek Bengil, 800m’ and an arrow to the right.

we turned left.

there was no traffic jam at all on the way there and when we pointed out the signage, he said they were probably all booked out. couldn’t we have made a tiny detour just to check?? mind you, this wasn’t the first time we brought up the duck.  aish.


ywk at the foot of slippery stairs… stairs he traversed down on his bum. it was a comic moment.
hey, not everyone gets to bump down more than six steps on your ass the first day of the year.
lok dei hoi fa, fu guai weng wah, they say. (wait, did i get that right??)


the temple guide, a serious zin sporting a horribly manly brollie and a pitiful ywk rubbing his sore ass.

there are a bunch of guides dressed in exotic traditional garb lumbering around trying to get tourists to hire them for a temple tour. after some bartering, the boys figured “hey, why not?”

i don’t know if it’s just me and the fact that i still remember part of my hindu-buddism Sejarah chapters, but i found him freaking long-winded and he came across as a little condescending with his “faham??”s like we’re retarded or something. but yea, we only got about 20% of what he was saying due to his shitty english but nodded along anyway to avoid him repeating himself.

i know, i know. i am impatient like that.


all of us outside the cave which gave this temple it’s name.
basically the original temple is buried god knows how deep. repercussions of an earthquake. (i’d give you the date but he was mumbling). now you would imagine the cave to be awe-inspiring from the looks of the menacing relief exterior… perhaps the tiny shaft of a tunnel leads one towards a great cavern, dimly lit by flickering lights… great stone sculptures to behold. the stuff of indiana jones. lol



but nah, this is about it. plh took this picture from the middle of the cavern hole in the stone so i guess if you multiply by two, you would get a pretty accurate idea of the size of that place.

three lousy stone statues and 8 holes about the size of a kitchen counter gouged into the cave (for monks to sit in an meditate).
talk about a let down. forgive my flippancy but i won’t lie. i felt ripped off.


pretty prayer pole thing scattered all throughout bali.
every family puts one up somewhere to improve their harvest/prosperity.


pretty, mossy wall.


the magical garden with a bridge that helps you across the Elephant River. belongs in a fairytale.
everybody was super careful with the steps, not wanting to roll down like our dear ywk =)



zy with her matching umbrella =)


one of the prayer trays put out daily in every nook and corner; from shopping mall cashiers to the edge of cliffs.


freaky looking kites sold outside the temple cave temple tourist attraction. no tree would dare eat one of these.


going up towards the kintamani.


a volcano!!!
okay for some reason all of us thought that when people said they went to see the volcano, it meant actually being on the volcano itself. like you know, since it was inactive and all, you could actually hike up and look into the cavernous hole like they do in cartoons and x-men origins: wolverine. no wait, that was a silo. silly me.

it actually means you drive 2 hours up to the nearest hilltop to look upon said volcano.
i suppose it is prettier from a distance.


at our next touristy restaurant where they charge exorbitant prices for shit food.
seriously, you have not tasted shit food until you have been to…uh… dunno what this restaurant’s name is.
Rp 100 000 or around RM35 for crap service and a buffet consisting of no water and food unworthy of the shittiest mamak i have eaten at in malaysia… and i have eaten at shit mamaks, i assure you.

saving grace? big glass panels with a view of the volcano.


a huge chunk of mist blew over the tip so it just looks like a regular mountain now =(


but that lake sure is pretty! =)


the gang and the glass panels. it’s chilly up there.


AND windy too!!! macam genting, only with better scenery.


next stop, to look at paddy hills!
all lush and greeeeeeeeeeen <3
they would be greener still if the paddy were actually growing. lol


another pretty prayer tray.


teeny tiny huts where you can sip coffee at.
i really like the idea of sipping coffee… if only i actually liked coffee =(


the coffee huts and i.


plh and am


moreee pretty prayer trays <3
the balinese are very spiritual.


hahahahahah love this candid.


pushy vendors ehverreewheree.


pinnochio puppets! <3


getting into tanah lot after a frightful jam.
…a crawl so slow, we took to discussing everything outside from the fact that the roadside stalls sold c1000 lemon to what condiments the locals were adding into their noodles.

we even started to hypothesise possible methods for colouring the chicks so.


while i am disgusted that they should subject the chicks to such, one can’t help but be amused by little lumps of colour scuffling around and over each other.

it was also then that we learnt from the tour guide that one should never try their luck at roadside stalls selling bakso. apparently what they claim are porkballs could very well be ratballs =S


with ky and ywk at the gates to tanah lot.


people mountain people sea =S
i’m surprised nobody got swept away by the rising tide at the rate the people where crowding.


took us ages wiggling between the immense crowd to get this shot.
you can’t really tell but there’s a toddler and his dad perched precariously on the cliff behind us =S


but then we realised we could pay about rm7 for a (shit) coconut (dude, seriously i am not kidding when i say it is shit) and get seats with an unobstructed view of the mystical temple.


and get shots like this.


more self-obsessed than i care to admit.


is it twisted that i’m more fascinated by the waves than the temple itself?
i mean, the temple is impressive and all but my fascination lasts about five minutes. maybe temples really aren’t my thing… i’m more taken by… say…


chickens scampering around in the oddest of places.


okay last one.


dinner for the night in a restaurant near our hotel.
having lost all hope for good indonesian food in bali, we opted for western… which was surprisingly cheap compared to their local delicacies. you can get a decent steak for about rm20++ imagine that. if we had to stay any longer, i suspect we would survive solely on western food and fruit juices. scrap that whole experience the culture, eat their food nonsense. haha.


abrupt end.


- glisten -


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you photoshop your photos or what kind of settings in camera did you use? The colours seem more contrast. :)

xinli said...

heh, the pictures are a mix from two cameras actually.
i used a manual setting with the colours on 'vivid' but mostly i just upped the contrast in Live Writer.

Anonymous said...

Wow Limmie, you are so pro! ;) Manual setting! I've never used Manual setting on my camera. So, I assume you know how to adjust those aperture etc? *salute* ^^ Teach me! =P

xinli said...

hahahah. nolah my cammy is paria, you can't adjust the aperture or anything canggih like that =P

Anonymous said...

Haha! Doesn't seem so paria as it captures beautiful photos (unless you really did a lot on editing). But I guess you can adjust the brightness right? Hehe. I am lazy to adjust all those eg brightness. Maybe I should try manual setting for once.