Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bali: day two


rise and shine at 7am.
couldn’t really blow my hair into any semblance of style on account of the plugpoint having short-circuited the night before, taking out the porchlight and dresser light together with it. twice. =(


what the view is like at breakfast, much too early for the congregation of sunbathers.
had a mound of pancakes and mee goreng =)


clambering up into the van where we would eventually spend most of our time in bali =(

after driving past an endless array of temple-like buildings…


and paddy field after paddy field,


we finally arrived at the… er… some place in ubud where they have elephant/atv rides and whitewater rafting.


ohai ai is a tourist and dis isn’t even a landmark.

as luck would have it, we missed the first batch of rafting or something and had to wait for a couple of hours for the next one so back into the van we went.


not especially ecstatic about it but frowns aren’t a good look on me.

yet more extravagant statues, coloured chicks and odd contraptions later, we arrived at the warung where we would nom the infamous BABI GULING.


one of the said impressive statues.


coloured chicks.
why yes, those little colourful balls in that vendor’s pushcart are in fact LIVE chicks. they also offer housing with colourful lids to go along with the whole rainbow theme… and yes, those obnoxiously shiny horns hanging next to the chicks are VUVUZELAS.
and to answer your last question, YES WE BOUGHT SOME =D (vuvuzelas, silly. not chicks. what would we want with rainbow chicks??)


ooh and this, my dear friends is the manual version of those kiddy rides you find parked in the corners of malls. he cycles and that teeny motorcycle goes up and down… up and down. now this is taken through a car window as we sped past so i have no idea whether there’s music or not. is it a mechanical tinkling of The Entertainer like the ones you find in music boxes? does the man in the back sing a tune? or does he make throttle noises?? something to ponder.

back to the piggy business.


can you say EW? how about BLEARGH?? i’m sure you can manage a disgusted face.
i for one, think babi guling is horrible. HORRIBLE I TELL YOU. HORRIBLE!!! it’s an assortment of parts, each one more revolting than the next… all oily and… *shudder* my upper lip is curling involuntarily just looking at that picture and recalling the taste. whoever said it resembles suckling pig is a liar. LIARRRRR. or you know, maybe it was a bad warung. a bad warung that rips tourists off, i might add. the meat however, tasted oddly like chicken… right down to the stringy texture.

nonetheless, ech.


the tour guide also brought us to this batik place to kill time.
a wonderful establishment where everything is overpriced and a gaggle of women sit in the patio pretending to be hard at work for the caucasians. the moment they left, the fine workers put everything down and started to chat among themselves oblivious to the fact that we were still observing. i am deeply insulted for not being worth your time.


but all is well =D by virtue of boredom with overpriced souvenier shops, we discovered this little stall outside and the curious yum that is es teler. who would’ve thought that coconut meat, nangka and avocado would be a delicious combo?  how else would we have found the absolutely scrumptious nangka and avocado juices?? (which in retrospect, is the only yum in bali. FRUIT JUICES FTW)


zy and i back at the rafting place.

we weren’t aware that they provided waterproof bags to store your cameras for the rafting so no pictures of that T.T but let me tell you this, IT WAS EPIC. it’s less white water and more brown water rafting but who cares! words cannot describe the awesomeness. if i had to though, i’d put it as scenic rafting.


look i googled pictures for you! =D 
there’s the usual (i believe... not like i’ve been white water rafting before. heh) stretches of rapids and then there’s the calm waters, the waterfalls and the AMAZING VIEWS. i search for words but they fail me. between getting the air knocked out of me at every fall and the enchanting riverview taking my breath away, i’m surprised i didn’t come out of it blue in the face.
AWE. SOME. Given the chance, i would totally go back there. and perhaps muster enough courage to jump off that ledge into the river <3


a lineup of locals heading to some temple or other for prayers.


the lot of us pulling off an impressive selfcam feat!


JIMBARAN!!! a whole stretch of beach lined up with restaurants all selling the same food (i suspect)


a new year’s eve sunset dinner.
nothing like sitting down for dinner with sand between your toes, the caress of the sea breeze against your cheek and the crash of waves to serenade you.


this was as close to a sunset as we got though. blaardy clouds. it’s a downright shame, that’s what it is.


mememememeeee being happy from the inside out.
i took about a bajillion pictures of myself at jimbaran. was it the lighting or was i just radiant with sheer bliss?


i gotta say, rosy cheeks from the sun are delightfully flattering.
this face straight from rafting too =) thank god for waterproof eye makeup.


this. is. the. life.


meja nombor satu.


beauty and the himbo. lol.


MAD AWESOME CORN!!! it is unfathomable how a simple ear of corn can be barbequed to such perfection.


failed jumpshot  rave  earthquake!!!


an almost decent one.
am looks positively like a ragdoll =)


the whole group!


yaaaaaaaaaaaamseng! Bintang to whet the appetite.


crazy rich spread.





okay to be frank, everything was mehhh. except maybe the squid and the clams. AND THE CHILLI SAUCE.
it’s a bit pricey for the quality of food they were serving but the ambience makes up for it <3




the bkk quartet.

“okay, look. i’m going to jump and kick some sand in the air while i’m at it so make sure you guys get the shot kay!!”


i am telling you. his secret dream is to be a catalogue model.


a local balinese sitting with a spread of offerings in front of her. lips moving rapidly to the crashing waves.




a string quartet which stopped in front of our table and begun strumming beautiful music…
only to have us break out in laughter when the first words escaped their lips.

you yi ge… mei li de xiao nv hai Note



om nom nom.


somebody getting a little tipsy.


adorable <3 you can almost hear am’s shriek.


lan yeng. ywk has got the flynn rider smoulder going on but i’m not sure what zin is getting at.


pimp shot.


new year’s eve fireworks all along the beach.
… at 6pm. i don’t think they ever stopped until past midnight. they’re super lax about fireworks in bali. one can hardly walk 10 metres without passing some dude setting off his own set. while the continuously lighted sky is pretty, it loses it’s novelty after a while.


sparkle and pop.


a second round of the epic jagung. we were so intent on finding out how they got it to taste the way it did that we attempted to tau si. no luck though. all he did in front of us was toss it on the fire and slather butter all over.


the stretch by night in candlelight.
it was all kinds of beautiful.


if i were to end it here, my new year’s eve would be pretty much perfect.
but this is no fairytale. ini kisah benar. lol. what happened shortly after we left was…well it started raining cats and dogs.
now this wasn’t so bad since it was only something like 8pm, so we headed back to shower and put on our faces and pretty dresses for the countdown.

only… it didn’t stop raining.

but that’s alright because there was a rockin’ party at a humongous club by kuta beach.

only… we didn’t go because a) we had no idea this party existed until we were drawn to it by giant searchlight thingies and by then it was about 11.30 and b) we bought fireworks and had this grand idea to let them off at the stroke of midnight.

but that’s okay because there was a huge crowd at the beach lighting fireworks like they were sparklers. it was exciting… sort of.

only… it started raining even more heavily towards midnight and the crowd by the beach was dissipating the closer it got to midnight.

but that’s okay because we did get to let off our fireworks at 12 sharp (i think).

only… much to my chagrin, my particular tube was faulty and couldn’t be lit for shit so i had to swap it for another one and even then it took ages to light up… during which some retard threw firecrackers at my feet (which bounced off my calf), scared the crap out of me and very possibly could have mutilated my beautiful legs >.<
oh plus i also missed a couple minutes of the amazing pyrotechnics the said club had prepared because i was too set on lighting up that darn tube of fireworks.

and then we trudged back to the hotel because everybody was cold, miserable, drenched and in no mood to party anymore. the thing was, there wasn’t even a proper countdown and it was a half-assed downpour. a cross between a slow drizzle and pelting rain, if you get my drift. we were drenched but it wasn’t a fulfilling, dance-in-the-rain kind of drenched… more like a miserable wet puppy kind of drenched. seven miserable wet puppies with obnoxiously glittery party hats and two vuvuzelas in the shape of dragons. pathetic.


at least i got to do this?


i contradict my self-professed kiasiness is more ways than one.


- pout -


Liz ^^, said...

BABI GULING ! Was it really that bad???? *sigh* Wanna try it though :P

Ooh, and those fruit juices look terribly attractive ! And white water rafting ! So funnnnn~ Yerrrr. Jealous.

Oh man, and that Jimbaran place. Looks absolutely breath-takingly beautiful ! And you DO look extra extra radiant ! xD

Too bad about your New Year's though. But it's better than mine. You get to spend yours in BALI !!!! haha

p.s: I actually know that song that the string quartet was singing *proud* :P

xinli said...

heh you should try it just for the heck of it. i tried maggots once *shrugs*

but LISAKWAN you HAVE to try white water rafting!!!

and 50 points for knowing the song =D lol.