Saturday, February 19, 2011

living with a kleptomaniac


if you’ve spoken to me recently, you’ve heard my aggravated account.

hell, plh has probably heard it five times over.
(she has a knack for just happening to be there all the time.)

…but for the benefit of those who haven’t heard yet and futurexinli, here’s my umpteenth rant.

it was taxing.

from unconfirmed suspicions, to hesitant plans to evict, to criminal evidence, to full on FU eviction.

long story short, i’ve been living with a thief for about a month and a half.

bitch stole about 700 bucks in total from my housemates and i… not including the unaccounted (i should really keep track of how much i have in my wallet)and miscellaneous items like detergent, shower foam and jam.

yes wtf, JAM.


why do people like these exist at all? tell me.

to think that i actually spoke up for her and gave her the benefit of the doubt when the rest of my housemates wanted to throw her out.


in any case, she got busted in a spur-of-the-moment investigative stunt i pulled involving a hidden camera and an intentionally long shower at two in the morning.

guess watching too much tv proves to be useful at some point in your life. *shrugs* (how else would i be able to quote spock and identify hypnic jerks?)

i usually refrain from name-calling unless it is in an affectionate context, but THAT FUCKING BITCH CROSSED THE LINE. camera revealed that the fucker not only took money from my purse, she ransacked my room and zy’s drawers all while i was in the shower mere metres away. THE AUDACITY. and all this shit had to happen around two tests (what?! so i’m a nerd. tests matter to me.)

it tickles me that you were busted over a measly 10 ringgit note.

in a rather dramatic scene, we had security throw the bitch and all her crap out on a stormy night with an IOU in tow. i can’t decide which was more outrageous; that she could look at her own face in the incriminating video stills and still be able to cry a shrill “that’s not me!” or the fact that she expected us to let her stay on until the end of the month after being found out.

well there’s a retard if i ever saw one.
if anything, she should be thankful we didn’t take it to the police.

…on hindsight, i kind of regret not doing so. *vengeful* but i suppose that’s her whole future we’d be wrecking.

maybe she deserves it.
maybe i can rise above.
maybe she’s drawn out the psycho-bitch in me.
maybe everyone deserves a second chance.
maybe i don’t give a fuck.

it is somehow disturbing that she might go about her life; friends and acquaintances oblivious to the shit she has done and is capable of. it infuriates me that she can spurn out some self-righteous bullshit on an fb post when she’s morally challenged enough to consistently steal without so much as a sliver of a conscience. (no, i’m not her fb friend. yeah i know, i told you she’s drawn out the psycho-stalkerbitch in me. am i crazy for having an urge to slap her newly-changed grinning profilepic face being a tad obsessed??)

i am thoroughly disgusted.
at her.
and how i let her affect me.

you may find it a little contradictory to my general disposition but i do in fact believe the best in people. *did. in light of recent events (this and something prior which was equally bizarre and dramatic), i am probably going to be a bigger cynic than i already am. yay.

listening to my housemates lament about the entire debacle, i realised the impact of this fucked up crap stretches beyond our monetary loss and psychological distress. not only has it waivered my trust in people in general, it upsets me that what she did only served to cement stigmatic racial stereotypes. bleargh.

i had half a mind to post the incriminating stills/video here or worse yet, on facebook. but it just doesn’t sit right, i don’t know why…

well she had better pay up what she owes us or so help me i will.

entirely justifiable really; it’s a small world. she graduated from a nearby uni, works in pj. she’ll get recognised at some point by friends of friends and lose all the credibility and dignity she doesn’t deserve. 
*throws head back in sadistic laughter*


so boys and girls,
be wary, eat your vegetables and second-guess everything people say or do.

a public service announcement brought to you by…

- TheBitterCynic -


Liz ^^, said...

OMG, that totally sucks. That's really horrible !!! Argh, I feel the betrayal babeeee. T.T

Oh, but bravo on the ingenious plan to bust her ! (You really HAVE been watching too many dramas, eh? @.@)

I don't blame you for losing your trust in people in general. But don't allow it to control your life. Don't live forever wary of each and every single person in your life. If so, she'd have stolen more than just your money and material possessions.

p.s: The kicking-her-out scene must have been epic !!! :P

Anonymous said...

I fucking live with someone like this. Only, its family. That steals from my family and people I live with. Forges checks, steals money from wallets, and ipods (even while sleeping), weed, drugs, you name it. Lies even with incriminating evidence to the point where he thoroughly gets pissed off at accusations when its clearly him. Even when shown a forged check in his handwriting, denied it. I'd sleep with my entire room in my pants pockets if only I could. What the fuck. This is the first thing I've read about it that talks about almost exactly the same thing, not just a bunch of kleptomaniac therapy needing bullshit. I just need to fucking move out away from heartless people, get a fucking job that pays you. Fuck what a shitty thing.