Monday, March 21, 2011

you’ve got mail


this started out as a semi-whiny post about how incredibly swamped i am was am was… (nevermind), and the immense amount of bad luck i seem to be attracting left and right when i realised i might be becoming one of those people who can’t stop whining about every little thing in their lives as if anybody cares.

…and while i may be that person, you have no reason to be subjected to such.

ah, how thoughtful i am… =D


so here i am, in my little forcefield of denial i so lovingly call home, taking a much-needed breather. (admittedly, i might have taken that excuse and run with it as if chased by jaguars *shrugs*)

heh, and now i’ve forgotten what i was going to say in the first place so here’s a something shoddy that i slapped together out of sheer refusal to deal with reality while in the vicinity of seremban.


all the lovely postcards all the lovely people have sent me ♥
they make my day every time i revisit them =D

nothing warms the cockles of my heart like knowing someone actually took the time off their holiday to buy a postcard and go out of their way to hunt down a postbox in a foreign country when they could have been eating macaroons in a sidewalk cafe in paris or trying their hand at whittling clogs in holland. (just speculating. i have no idea what one does in those places on account of never being there. sadface.) 

oh, and the random ones with no occasion? well those are just LOVE ♥

there’s something about handwritten mail that’s just so wonderful.
*absent-mindedly strokes pile of cards* i’m not trying to be creepy but i do love getting mail =D my only gripe is that i am almost never home when the mail arrives so i don’t get the kick out of opening the mailbox and finding mail for me =(

snail mail over email any day!
(well at least until i start getting billed)


- got mail? -