Thursday, May 12, 2011

twas the night before…

SpecialityPharmaceuticalDosageFormDesign finals,
when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a louse.
the designs were crammed in my cranium with care,
in hopes that hours later i would not despair.

but wait, listen now… what is that i hear?
knock-knock on my door; scratching so clear!
heart aflutter and stricken, i muster, “who’s there?”
it cries, a voice full of flair.
curiousity piked, “mantis who?” i implore.
to which it replied,






















“man, tis a bloody hot day to explore!”


true story.

(except, you know, the part where anyone actually talks.)

bwahahhahahaha. IMPRESSED OR WHAT??!!!
okay fine, i took hell of a long time to come up with that because i pretty much suck at rhyming.


finals are over.

here i am, squinting a little giddily at the screen because my lappy just came back from the service centre and i have gotten so used to the humongous display that is my sister’s spare toshiba that everything seems so teensy in the 13” i am staring at.

… still, psyched that my baby is back. with a functional webcam and fingerprint enroller no less!

this blog post started out as an excuse to show off my virgin attempt at cinemagraphs. if you actually READ my blog (because i know there are people who scroll through without: you don’t know what you’re missing!!!), you would know how much i love gifs.

soooo excited to finally try it but the only video that was steady enough was the one i took a couple of days ago of a praying mantis who crawled under my door and proceeded to punish me (for filming without consent) by way of taking flight mere inches from my face with a terrorising buzz and landing on my bare arm AND THEN REFUSING TO GET OFF. FML.

yeah i know, i deserved it.

hype + freedom (FINALLY) + lack of footage = dramatic mantis

i think i did pretty good with the digital enhancements and whatnot, considering the fact that original footage looked like this :


yeah, i know right… I AM SO BLOODY AMAZING.

i know you want to see it again,
so i will save you the trouble of scrolling back up.


… or you could. i heard there’s a pretty awesome poem up there.

- say what?? -


Liz said...

Good job with the poem !!! Seriously !!!! (I take ages with the rhyming too. Be happy with a few verses >.<)

Ahaha, and my gosh, I didn't even notice at first that it was a .gif till you mentioned it. Cos it so happened that when I scrolled to read that paragraph, the head of the mantis is out of view. When I scrolled back up.....there ! It moved !!! haha :P

Very very cool :D

Welcome to the we-are-on-holiday-so-be-jealous! gang :P See you soon !!

STEPcoach said...

Thank you. Your cute poem and .gif gave me a smile on a dreary day.