Friday, January 13, 2012

Rising from the ashes...

... is a dragon, not a phoenix.

Soo... missed me?
I have.

Am in the midst of finals and surprise, surprise, here I am after a 7 month long hiatus. Why is it that we get distracted so easily when there are important things to do? Well I was flipping through my bookmarks and landed myself at this here place...

And *poof*, that's an entire hour gone.
Sigh, why am I such a joy to read?

So in light of my little trip down memory lane ( or erratic time travel more like, at the rate I was jumping back and forth between posts ) I have decided that... heck, this is too good of a space to leave dead. Even if nobody reads this anymore, I know that futurexinli would thank me for reminding her of the good times we had.

However, I have nothing of importance to say so that's all folks!

I will see you again sometime next week, maybe probably hopefully definitely =)

P.s. If you are a long time reader and punctuation nazi, you would realize that this post is all properly capitalized and everything... which was something I almost never did. And * trumpets *, this is because I'm blogging from my smartphone like a boss even though my laptop is less than a meter away. What can I say, the chicken shit is still relatively warm.

Now I just need to figure out how to align my random-phrase-sign-off to the middle like old times...

- mata kerbau -